SmartMDSD Toolchain: Installation

There are several options to run the SmartMDSD Toolchain:



Ready-to-go: Virtual Machine

Recommended if you want to try it out: 

Download the ready-to-go Virtual Machine


Standalone installation: Script-based

Recommended if you want to set up a complete SmartSoft development environment for productive use: It will set up and install all required system packages, subversion repositories and the latest version of the SmartMDSD toolchain. We strongly suggest to install in a clean Ubuntu 16.04 LTS installation.

Download the script to install the SmartMDSD Toolchain and set up the development environment


Standalone installation: Manual way

In case you need full flexibility. Supported platform: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Download the SmartSoft MDSD Toolchain Binary or use the following command:

# wget
# tar -xzf SmartMDSD-toolchain-X.X.tag.gz

Hint:  The package "SmartSoft-MDSD-Toolchain_X.X_src.tar.gz" contains the sources of our eclipse-plugin, which allow to manually integrate our plugin into existing eclipse installations.

On Linux you can start the toolchain by double clicking the extracted binary "SmartMDSD-toolchain-X.X/eclipse" (prefered/standard method) or by executing in a terminal:

$ cd SmartMDSD-toolchain-X.X
$ ./eclipse

Now the toolchain can be used to create own components. In order to compile components it is necessary to install the reference implementation ACE/SmartSoft. This also allows to inspect and modify the models of our SmartSoft components or to create own deployment models. To import components into the toolchain, open a workspace and import projects from folders:

  • $SMART_ROOT_ACE/src/components/
  • $SMART_ROOT_ACE/src/deployments/
  • $SMART_ROOT_ACE/src/interfaceClasses

Hint: To import projects in the toolcahin, choose: File->Import; General->Existing Projects into Workspace; after that select the directories (above).