Getting Started: The SmartSoft Virtual Machine

The SmartSoft Virtual Machine provides an ready-to-go environment with all major contents of the SmartSoft World set up and running. The Virtual Machine is based on Ubuntu LTS 16.04.

Download The Virtual Machine Image


Please Note:

  • To run the SmartSoft VM, we recommend a recent version of Virtual Box and a minimum of 8GB RAM for the host.
  • Login:
    • username: smartsoft
    • password: smartsoft
    • User is allowed to use sudo
  • See also the tutorials (esp. Lesson 1) for instructions and details on how to use and start the VMware installation.
  • Optional: To update the SmartSoft SVN installation and toolchain to the most recent version, launch the update-script from the desktop.
  • Optional: To update the SmartSoft SVN installation manually, run the following commands:
​     # cd $SMART_ROOT_ACE
      # svn update
      # cd build
      # make distclean
      # cmake ..
      # make