Technology Preview (V3)


The next generation of our SmartMDSD Toolchain V3 (Technology Preview) is currently under development. This technology preview demonstrates various improvements and extensions. For instance, the meta-model base has been changed from UML Profiles towards Eclipse Modeling Framewiork (EMF) Ecore with Xtext for textual grammars and Sirius for graphical model notations. Moreover, the new toolchain now supports design and management of non-functional aspects related to end-to-end guarantees for interconnected components forming cause-effect chains. In addition, an integrated Compositional Performance Analyzis (CPA) based on the SymTA/S & TraceAnalyzer tool simulates run-time conditions. This allows verification of the required end-to-end guarantees before the actual hardware platform even exists.

A recent YouTobe screencast (see below) demonstrates the usage of the new toolchain features.

Installation Instructions

All the toolchain sources and some ported components from our navigation stack are available as open source in a new sourceforge git repository. The simplest way to try out the toolchain yourself is to use the precompiled toolchain plugins by following the instructions below.

1. Download Eclipse with Modeling Tools

The current SmartMDSD Toolchain V3 (Technology Preview) is based on Eclipse Neon with Eclipse Modeling Tools. In order to get Eclipse, download the Eclipse Installer for your platform, execute it and select the Eclipse Modeling Tools for installation as shown in the figure below.

2. Install the SmartMDSD Toolchain Plugins

Start the newly installed Eclipse instance and select the menu: Help -> Install New Software...

In the opened dialog, select the Add... button to add an external Eclipse repository and enter the URL location as shown in the figure below.

Now select the root element Robotics SmartMDSD Toolchain (as shown in the figure below), press the Next button and follow the installation instructions.

During installation, Eclipse will notify that the external repository is not signed, you need to accept this in order to proceed with the installation. In future we plan to set-up an officially signed repository, which is not yet the case for the technology preview. That's it, the toolchain is fully installed and ready to be used. Have fun! You can clone our SourceForge Git repository and import the navigation components as demonstrated in our YouTube screencast video.