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This software package contains a CORBA based implementation of the SmartSoft communication patterns. The SmartSoft framework provides a component approach based on communication patterns and has been designed for robotics software. However, the framework is not limited at all to robotics applications.

  • Components are technically implemented as processes. A component can contain several threads and interacts with other components via predefined communication patterns and communciation objects. Components can be wired dynamically at runtime.
  • Communication Patterns assist the component builder and the application builder in building and using distributed components in such a way that the semantics of the interface is predefined by the patterns, irrespective of where they are applied. A communication pattern defines the communication mode, provides predefined access methods and hides all the communication and synchronization issues. It always consists of two complementary parts named the service requestor and the service provider representing a client/server, a master/slave or a publisher/subscriber relationship.
  • Communication Objects parameterize the communication pattern templates. They represent the content to be transmitted via a communication pattern. They are always transmitted by value to avoid fine grained intercomponent communication each time an attribute is accessed. Furthermore, object responsibilities are much simpler with locally maintained objects than with remote objects. Communication objects are ordinary objects decorated with additional member functions for use by the framework.
  • Service. Each instantiation of a communication pattern provides a service. A service comprises the communication mode as defined by the communication pattern and the content as defined by the communication objects.

The set of communication patterns comprises the following patterns:


Additionally patterns mainly for user convenience are for example

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